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Podcast 121 - agent2

PODCAST 121 - agent2

The first podcast of 2009 features a guest mix from agent2, who is part of Rebel Intelligence. Usually specialising in electro and techno, this is more of a housey departure for him. The first RI EP from Matt Whitehead should be out very soon.


There’s also new records from the likes of Sneak Thief, Tokyo Black Star and Julien Neto, plus some unusual Japanese experimetal material at the start.

Toshi Ichiyanaga - Spite Song (Bridge)
Joji Yuasa - Oen (5) (Editions Omega Point)
Makoto Moroi - Akai Mayu (Editions Omega Point)
Julien Neto - Reprise (Semantica)
Burger/Voigt - Wand aus Klang (Kompakt)
Tokyo Black Star - Game Over (Innervisions)
Roland Sebastian Faber - Eisengard (Aube)
Sneak Thief - Zmaj (Mr Pauli remix) (Lunar Disko)
Annie Hall - Cash Flow (Minuendo Recordings)
—————agent2 mix—————————-
Deixis - The Hour of the Soul (AW)
Sven Weisemann - Lets Swing (Mojuba)
Bernard Badie - Time Reveals (Mojuba)
Sascha Dive - Deepest America (Ornaments)
Sven Weisemann - Cabana Fever (Mojuba)
Réne et Gaston - Merlouche Ideale (a.r.t.less)
Convextion - Consumer Identity (AW)
Luke Hess - Renewal (pt2) (FXHE)
Marcel Dettmann - Lattice (unknown)
DJ qu - Air’s Force (Semesters)

Bleep43 podcast 121 featuring agent2

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