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Podcast 122


The image above is taken from the cover of Xela’s arresting LP In Bocca Lupo, which has been on regular rotation at home. I’ve put the 15 minute epic “In Misericordia” on this week’s podcast in amongst some other noise and experimental material, including Othon, a track from the new KTL LP on Editions Mego, and a track from the remarkable The Fun Years LP, which passed me by in June and I’ll probably review (late) soon. In amongst some predictable Italo and slow-mo house, including an Intergalactic Gary fave “Eagles in the Night”, there’s also offerings from Miwon, Namlook & Spyra, the much sought after Cole Medina remix of a Bee Gees classic and in response to a Mr J Pengelly of Uttoxeter who writes “Dear Sir, why no drum ‘n’ bass on your show ever?” I include the marvellous and rather missed Photek and his downtempo “Into the Nineties”. Enjoy.

Photek - Into the Nineties (Metalheadz)
Cole Medina - Love You Inside (Pinches remix)
Miwon - More Guitar on the Monitor Please (City Centre Offices)
Edgar Froese - Pinnacles (Virgin)
Namlook & Spyra - ClaphamRatrun (Fax +49)
KTL - Wicked Way (Editions Mego)
Ezekiel Honig - Broken Marching Band (Anticipate)
Xela - In Misericordia (Type)
Othon - The Dreamer is still asleep (Durtro)
The Fun Years - The Surge is Working (Barge)
Robert Henke - Diagonal (Imbalance Computer Music)
Last Step - 61 Disco (Planet Mu)
Glass Candy - Animal Imagination (Italians Do It Better)
Brian Auger - Night Train to Nowhere (Blanco Y Negro)
Alden Tyrell & Fred Ventura - Memories (Clone)
The Revenge - Cadillac (6th Borough Project)
Reggie Dokes & Koomba Project - Michigan Avenue (Psychostasia)
Mugwump - Boutade (Misericord)
Henrik Schwarz - Chicago (Mood Music)
Odessa - Polar Intrusion (Disco Praline)
Trackwerk - Untitled (Trackwerk)
Dario Dell Aere - Eagles in the Night (ID limited)
Yoshida Minako - Town (Alfa)

Bleep43 podcast 122

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