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Podcast 202 - Hyboid

This week’s guest mix comes from one of the historical homes of electronic music, Dusseldorf. Founder of the superbly titled Astro Chicken label and recording as Hyboid, Sebastian Hubert came to my attention last year with his mini-album “Aliens ate my synthesizer”.

There’s a distinct element of disco fun in Sebastian’s music, counterbalanced ably by some dark electro. His mix is a journey through modern electronic disco, with some gems from the likes of Gatekeeper, Datafreq and a brilliant one of his own, “Brain Jam”.  I’ve also included some new records by Legowelt, Wolfgang Voigt and John Maus in a short mix beforehand.

Check Sebastian’s site for more information on the Risk Risk album, which is out now.


Electryk Dragon - 3rd stage

John Maus - Out to the Country

Legowelt - Sea of Nuhuhu

Raoul & Nacho - Delicate

Alba - Philomena part 3

Wolfgang Voigt - Kafkatrax 2.1

Hyboid mix

Risk Risk - Are we on Air?

Gatekeeper - Chains

Gatto Fritto - The Curse

Kano - It’s a War

Jupiter Black - We Like Moroder (Divider remix)

Datafreq - Diskophonic

New Order - True Faith (remix)

Hakan Libdo - Synthe Noir

Hyboid - Brain Jam

Alec Empire - SuEcide

Kleerup - Iris

Kenny Chou - One must fall 209 (Main Theme)

Alden Tyrell - Knockers

Risk Risk - Streetwalk

Bleep43 podcast 202 - Hyboid

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