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Benjamin Brunn - Hello Ammmerika

Third Ear


I know AmeriKKKa, but Ammmerika? Whatever, this release from German deep house production whiz Benjamin Brunn is in no way agitprop, though Diamondancer’s “peeved Ursula Rucker” spoken word vocals add some angry grit to the fizzing hi-hats of No Kicks. Containing no kicks, it’s an apt title, as is closer Acidic Sun: a hypnotic acid groove staying on the late side of sunrise and easily making the trippy highlight of the EP.

The title track is a clattering broken-beat affair and is slightly annoying, surprisingly so for something this deep. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish starts off the release with a semi-tribal tune that sounds relentless when the sub-bass is given room to breathe, but just tastefully forgettable on a pair of mid-range headphones. It’s an interesting combination that perhaps reflects the EP in general - the better it gets, the more you have to listen carefully. But Acidic Sun at least is a winner either way.
Sam Stagg

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