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Rone - So So So


There is so much humdrum techno and house being released nowadays that it’s easy to be put off by the sheer amount - a quick perusal on sites like Juno usually leaves me nonplussed at what’s meant to be good and what to avoid. It’s clear that we live in an age where true inspiration is lacking, so those with a bit of talent do the simple things well - compose rather than fiddling about with software and noises. Erwan Castex aka Rone is a composer by day and dance music producer by night and this glorious little 3 track EP is destined to be a big hit. It’s not particulary spectacular by any means, but coming from a label that has Agoria, Murcof and Francesco Tristano on it, melancholic piano is always going to be heard somewhere along the line and that is always a great trigger for dancefloors at this time of the year. The main track “So So So” folds and corkscrews with flair, before finishing in a climatic manner akin to Pepe Bradock at his very best. Both “Nakt” and “Planet Zoo” shimmer with piano as well, demonstrating a strong melodic talent. 

Toby Frith

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