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Nanorhythm - Beyond the Green Wall

Broken 20


In case you’re as poorly-informed as I am, Broken20 is TVO’s new (ish) techno (ish) label and the Beyond the Green Wall EP is their fourth release: a debut for Nanorhythm, who clearly enjoys a cheeky spell in the isolation tank with his dream machine as much as the next man.

Continental Breakfast” is a subtle opener, with a well-placed stab bubbling up through an aquatic, gauzy backdrop and a shuffling beat that defies easy categorisation (so I won’t bother). “Amniotic Haze” is even more heady, as warm, drifting pads swirl and a distant sonar pings the delta waves of the universal consciousness.  It’s excellent, but don’t operate heavy machinery while listening.

Three remixes of “Continental Breakfast” are more functional, but still hover intriguingly at the edge of the floor. Post-dubstep type Spatial welds on a sub-bass and slightly less tricky rhythm, and label boss TVO offers up two oddly-titled mixes. The “For A&R” mix is the pick, an eleven-minute unfolding trip through broken beat and dub techno with a hypnotic, cyclic top end. Finally, the “For Thor” mix closes out with a more restrained melodic bleep take, as if from a syncopated Donnacha Costello.

Together with its free companion EP, Beyond The Green Wall marks out Broken20 as a label to watch and Nanorhythm as someone to call on when you want intricate patterns sketched on the inside of your eyelids - surely a good thing?


Sam Stagg


Reader Comments (1)

Big thanks for the review and super-nice words guys.

Really chuffed you're digging it!

November 30, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNanorhythm

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