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Peter Kruder - Xenomorph


Peter Kruder follows up 2009’s ‘Chordal/Law of Return’, also released on Macro, with two very different cuts. A-side ‘Xenomorph’ is cinematic in character and in thrall to the constituents of deep- & tech-house. Its layers of sounds & samples build throughout the song but they never threaten to impinge on the spaciousness of the production which contains instrumentation that wouldn’t be out of place in a spaghetti western.

Although in the same vein of his earlier work on Macro, there’s drama here that raises this track above the conventionality of its predecessors. Flip-side ‘Vespertilio’ is a very different animal in that it packs a live krautrock edge but is ultimately a more staid and, dare I say it, boring affair Formed around an improvised jam, it constantly threatens to break into riotous, glorious noise but is reined in by Kruder, leaving the track feeling like a sonically constipated Holy Fuck. Only in the eighth minute did it finally go up a gear with a shrilling violin line harbouring hopes for further accession of sound but this positive movement was quickly winded down into a canter to close the song out.

It’s an interesting mix of tracks but whilst ‘Xenomorph’ feels fully formed and worthy of a listen, the b-side shows smatterings of interest but ultimately needed a keener critique from Kruder.

Paul Fanning



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