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Records of the Week - August 10th

Following on from the debut mixup of Casco and Grandmaster Flash by Datashat comes the second release on Handsette, featuring 4 relative unknowns, but all contributing some excellent forward looking techno. Check the Kritical Audio and Unity Gain Temple tracks in partiuclar. It does well in a strong fortnight, with releases from Shake, Omar-S, Chez Damier, Jus-Ed, the debut Rebel Intelligence release, Kirk de Giorgio, the latest murdercapital record, Bernard Badie…Phew, it’s like house and techno never went away.


Kirk De Giorgio - ART 008 (ART)




Matt Whitehead - Beat the Heat (Rebel Intelligence)



A Made Up Sound - Archive (Clone Basement)




Gesloten Cirkel - Gesloten Cirkel (Murdercapital)




Shake - Levitate Venice (Morphine)




Post Human - Monsters and Vortices (B12)



Ben Klock - Remixes (Ostgut)





Bernard Badie - Move to the Beat (Mojuba)




Chez Damier - Never Knew Love (Network)




Jacuzzi Boys - Check that Body EP (Below)




DJ Jus-ED - GV255 (UQ)




Tuccillo - Panorama EP (Delusions of Grandeur)




Soul Mate - Set Fire to my Feet (HSUS)




Omar - S - Still Serious Nic (FXHE)




Tom Trago - Voyage Direct (Rush Hour)




Sebastian Tellier - Fingers of Steel (Record Makers)




High Five - Party Life (Moxie)




Shotgun - Salambo (Shotgun Edits)




Von Spar - Hybolt (Italic)




Hannelelauri - Metropol EP (Seahorse & Castle)




Rhythm Based Lovers - Call of Love (Touch Your Life)




OOFT/The Revenge - Part 3 (Instruments of Rapture)

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