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Review - Roland Sebastian Faber - Wettkampf Der Moleküle


Roland Sebastian Faber - Wettkampf Der Moleküle (Aube)

Berliner Roland Faber made his name in dance music producing UK Garage and Trance records under a variety of different guises after moving to London in 1989, but reserves in his heart his main love of synth music from heroes such as Schulze and Jarre, calling it “Berliner Schule”. This is his 2nd single on Dusseldorf label Aube, who have commissioned long-time Kraftwerk collaborator Emil Schult to produce the artwork. “Molecular” is a light-hearted catchy synthpop track with a delightful hook, fizzing along at a decent pace. The flip, “Eisengard” is pure Ashra Temple territory, Gottsching-esque guitar counterpointed by cosmic synth work.
Faber’s first single was a clear homage to Jean-Michel Jarre (it was called Hommage), and this is obviously in clear debt to the German guys from the seventies. I wonder who’s next.

 Aube Records


Toby Frith 

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