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Review - Âme/Henrik Schwarz/Dixon Featuring Derrick Carter - Where We At

Âme/Henrik Schwarz/Dixon Featuring Derrick Carter - Where We At (Sonar Kollektiv/Innervisions)

It appears that it’s the Âme Unit within the Kollective were generous enough to allow themselves to be used as a vehicle whilst they’re particularly in vogue, for the equally solid but somehow less visible Schwarz and Dixon to hitch a wagon to. As such therefore, this isn’t really an Âme record (alone) and it does sound that way. Derrick Carter gets a look in (albeit that that’s due to the fact that ‘Where…’ seems essentially to be a remix of a DC track from 03.) Both mixes seem busier than the Âme tracks I’ve heard, and I’m afraid I’m no fan of spoken lyrics which attempt to sound ‘deep and philosophical’ - they’re often too much in danger of sounding preachy and unsubtle. Overall, I do wonder if this record was really artistically necessary for any of the artists involved, given the burgeoning and good quality repertoire of each of them on an individual basis. There’s a free, downloadable ‘Version 1’ from the Innervisions website.

Ken Odeluga

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