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Mark du Mosch - Salmiak

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Mark du Mosch has never been one for being pigeon-holed as a survey of his oeuvre pertinently shows, flitting between techno, house & the italo-influenced electro sound that his compatriots are renowned for. Now with his first LP, du Mosch has given a brief but often rewarding snapshot of his musical raison d’être.

Opener ‘Damocles’ has something of an early 00’s Planet E feel about it, bursting at the seams with flange before ‘Salmiak’ comes in displaying an almost oxymoronic & melancholic optimism that’s simple in its arrangement but fulfilling none the less. After the techno & electronica of the previous numbers, du Mosch turns his hand to the bastardised dutch electro with ‘Revenger’ that revels in more pitch changes than a Eurovision contest. ‘Tonight’ & ‘The Rain’ bring in an understated deep house segment that drifts by in a hypnotic swash of layers before some beatific chords raise the latter to a more arresting plateau.

Far from bearing the debilitating traits of a chimera, the contrasting styles of du Mosch serve to complement each other sonically and the flow of the album doesn’t jar at all. Somewhat inevitably however, the quality across the LP fluctuates a little with some tracks feeling slight and others a little over-familiar as in the case of the ‘Cold Sweat’ which featured on an eponymous Cyber Dance released EP together with the original of ‘The System’; these are two solid tracks nonetheless with the former a riotous number that sweeps in and out of feedback & discordance. ‘Broke Day’ brings matters to a close and perfectly encapsulates ‘Salmiak’ the album; short in length, displaying a keen melodic edge and lingering in the listener. More please.

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