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Tr One - Drum Dance



Dublin-based ‘Apartment’ hooks up with fellow countrymen TR One for its sophomore release and it’s another assuredly house affair following NCW’s ‘Panther Veil’. ‘Drum Dance’ begins inconspicuously with the eponymous percussion setting the mood before ramping up to a subtle crescendo. It’s an unassuming and hypnotic track that conveys a refined grasp of production.

Whilst the original is a solid track in its own right, the EP is lifted by the presence of Juju & Jordash and John Heckle on remixing duties with the latter providing his debut remix. Eschewing most of the original’s instrumentation, Heckle’s ‘Jack Dance’ version cuts and screws the drum track and uses it as a supporting device for what is one of the funkier pieces he’s done. Juju & Jordash on the other hand, present a reverb laden ‘Dub Dance’ interpretation that is equally nonchalant in its use of the native song and with no less dip in quality.

Overall, it’s another fine release from a label that’s unflinching in its position at the purist end of the electronic music spectrum. Tr One’s original can’t help but feel inferior in the context of two superb remixes but that is more an indictment of the high quality of this record rather than a slight on the Irish producers. Highly recommended.
Paul Fanning

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