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Next party w/ Derrick May

21 May 2010, Corsica Studios, London £12


We’re pleased to announce for our second party of 2010 a guest whose name and influence reverberates throughout dance music. His appearance at Bleep43, where he will be playing for 6 hours, will be a return to a style of DJing that he has long upheld in the tradition of all the great US DJs, but rarely gets the chance to produce in the restricted confines of the modern day clubbing enviroment.

May’s international hit “Strings of Life” in 1987 was a catalyst for a generation; taking the lead from Chicago house and inflecting it with a cosmic escapism, it ensured that Detroit techno would permeate itself into the history of electronic music. Alongside boyhood friends Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson, otherwise known as the Belleville Three, he was the forefront of a new wave of electronic dance music that took its influence just as much from the European dancefloor as it did from the dying embers of disco. There is no doubt that Derrick’s role in the late 80’s and since then has been global.

Tracks such as “Nude Photo”, “Icon”, “It is what It is” and “Kaotic Harmony” remain deeply embedded within the very DNA of dance music, and his own Transmat label is an essential document of some of the greatest Detroit techno records made. As a DJ of some near-30 years of experience, his propulsive style of house and techno has endeared him to a whole generation of clubgoers around the world, but deep down he retains a love for the sort of genre-hopping sets that we look forward to hearing at Bleep43.


Having made his debut for us in February 2009, we’re very happy to see the return of the Hague’s Intergalactic Gary. One half of Cocadisco, with whom he has recorded with I-F, he is a central figure in the Hague scene, which has arguably been the most fertile in Europe for the last decade. With some 25 years experience behind him on the decks, I-G plays a variety of styles, from obscure Italian disco to minimal wave, techno and brutal Chicago acid. Another 3 hours of awesome records awaits.

Intergalactic Gary live @ Bleep43 Feb 2009



A core part of the Human Shield sound system label, Peter and Ali have been playing their unique blend of disco, electro and techno across the UK for over 10 years. Originally from Chester, and now based in Manchester and London, they’ve been regulars at established UK nights such as Sequence, Slabs of the Tabernacle, Road to Rimini, Cocadisco, and Atomic Jam, and more recently this year’s Bloc festival. Ali, who is one half of Heartbreak, is considered to be one of the central figures in the italodisco renaissance in the UK. Not least with his Cyberdance label, but through his own productions on labels such as Bunker and Moustache. He also takes time to run Magic Waves, who put together the world’s first italodisco festival in July 2009.

Peter Mangalore Bleep43 Podcast


Part of a quartet of composers from Bleep43, Jo returns with another carefully prepared set of electronic music. Taking her influence from the likes of Drexciya and Steve Reich, Jo has been a regular performer at our parties since 2007, and has also played at the Bloc festival.

Jo Johnson recorded live at Bleep43 Oct 2008


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