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I write about electronic music, often in a disparaging manner. I also run the Bleep43 podcast, which has been going since 2005. My main inspiration for wanting to DJ was seeing James Lavelle play. He was so bloody awful that it made me think “I could do that”. Make of that what you will. I love Italo too much for my own good, think House is probably the best of the lot, but reserve a bit of time for a good old techno knees up when the time and place is right. Musical obsessions include Popol Vuh, Kraftwerk, Bobby Orlando and Bernard Parmegiani.

You can listen to some of my mixes below.

RA DJ page

Slabs of the Tabernacle mix

Tudor Squaddie mix

Infinite State Machine mix

Bleep43 podcast 159

Old German Owl

Bleep43 podcast 143

Take A Sword to a Swan