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Podcast 205 - Toby Frith

No guest mix this week, so you’ll have to put up with me playing a selection of synthpop records, some ambient weirdness and UK Bass growlers. The Colourbox record is an old, old favourite of mine - my elder brother put it on a tape for me when I was about 12 and I hadn’t heard it for a long time until recently - it’s quite dated now with all the film dialogue samples that were so popular in the late 80’s, but there’s an endearing charm to it that I don’t think will go away. Similarly, the Stroke record is a huge favourite after hearing it in an Intergalactic Gary set. 


Colourbox - Just give ‘em Whiskey 

Oppenheimer Analysis - Science 

Soft Metals - Psychic Driving

Stroke - Tokyo Amazon

Ford and Lopatin - World of Regret

Com Truise - Cathode Girls

Microthol - Andolit Swaras

Stellar OM Source - Xlandia

James Ferraro - Headlines

Belong - Perfect Life

Emptyset - Function

Andy Stott - Execution

Gifted and Blessed - The Dreamer

Wolfram - A thing called love (Legowelt remix)

John Maus - Believer


Bleep43 podcast 205 w/ Toby Frith

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