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Podcast 207 - Matt O'Brien

I’ve known Matt for some years now and it’s great to see that his visceral techno being recognised widely. Having started his own label Offkey Industries, he’s also released material on Curle and Rekids.  As scribe Philip Sherburne puts it in the review below “Matt isn’t a flashy producer” - his sounds are stripped down but with energy, nous and an acute ear for something more singular in the techno realm. Robert Hood is perhaps the biggest influence. He provides us with a bit more information on the set.

“The set was recorded at a Colony party at The Rhythm Factory in London on May 1st 2011 using a combination of Ableton & hardware. I’ve resisted the temptation to edit out the mistakes so this is presented warts and all. It’s a pretty honest account!”

Matt has a new record out as well - “Bloom/Without Warning” on Offkey. 


No Reason (Off-key Ind 03)
Koh Bida (Curle 32)
Blackwood Freestyle (Off-key Ind 04)
Starting Over (Curle 32)
Roberto Bosco - Login Exact (Matt O’Brien remix) (Mowar 04)
Hidden High (Off-key Ind 01)
Without Warning (Off-key Ind 06)
Into The Red (Curle 24)
End Of The Beginning (Off-key Ind 02)


Bleep43 podcast 207 - Matt O'Brien

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