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Podcast 178 - Nineteen99

Manchester-based Nineteen99 contributes an intriguing mix of electro, techno and disco for this week’s show. He’s recently released his debut single “The Eagle has Landed” on his own imprint Warszawa Records. Elsewhere we have a sneak preview of one of the tracks from our own debut 12” plus new releases from Model 500, Plant43 and Jimmy Edgar.


Orphan - View from Delfgauw (Bleep43 Recordings)

Jimmy Edgar - Function of your Love

Stereociti - unknown (Mojuba)

Jagged - Chicago (Bonzzaj)

Purple Flash - We can make it (Environ)

Nineteen99 mix

The Egytpian Lover – The Alezby Inn                 

Virgo Four – Take Me Higher

Blake Baxter – When a Thought Becomes You

The Hasbeens – You and Me

Le Car – Cinematic-automatic (Heinrich Mueller Remix)

Music At Nite – City To City

Ken Laszlo – Hey Hey Guy (Instrumental)

Gosub – Next To Me

C-34 – Watch Yourself (Mick Wills Remix)

Venom 18 – Mystery Organisation

Mr Cisco – Mixage

Freddie Mercury – Love Kills

The Dark Esquire – Situation

Peter Richard – Walking In The Neon

Cestrian – Hearse

Kraftwerk – The Telephone Call

DJ Overdose – Mossad Commando

DJ Assault – Drip Drop (Instrumental)

X102 – Titan

Faceless Mind – Glasriket

Rude 66 – My 909

Skanfrom – Are You Alone


Model 500 - OFI (Mad Mike remix) (R & S)

Mariska - Ate (Unreleased)

Plant43 - Burning Decay (Ai records)


Bleep43 podcast 178 w/ Nineteen99

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