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Podcast 177 - Cosmo, Faber and Jared Wilson

To celebrate the launch of their Lux label, I’ve invited Zurich duo Cosmo and Faber to provide a mix along with Jared Wilson, who contributes the music for their first release, “The Rise and Fall of the Machines Part 1”. I’ve been a big fan of the latter ever since his debut “Drug Related Stories” back in 2007. Please note that on the mix I say that Cosmo and Faber start off, but actually it’s the other way around - Jared starts first. There’s no tracklisting for this mix I’m afraid but it’s a cracker.


Podcast 177 w/ Cosmo, Faber and Jared Wilson

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1. PBX 2 96 Whitelabel
2. Precession - Sandcastle (Mike Huckaby Remix) - Ferox
3. Dr. Lowtech whitelabel
4. TNT#1 Whitelabel
5. Adonis - No Way Back - S12 repress
6. Bass Junkie - Computer Future - Control Tower
7. Pierre's Pfantasy Club - Acapella - SRO repress
8. Osborne - Ruling (Bogdan Raczynski Remix) - Ghostly LTD. Edition
9. Erik* & Fiedel - Donna - Donna - MMM
10. Aphex Twin - Windowlicker (Acid Edit) - Beat Records
11. Random Access - Muzik Box Parts 1 & 2 - relief Records
12. Trash Humpers - Make It (beardedit)

August 18, 2010 | Unregistered Commenter7777

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