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Podcast 133 - Stefan Goldmann

With the aid of Macro Recs this week the podcast features a live recording of Stefan Goldmann’s “Voices of the Dead” project, which was premiered at Berghain late last year. Watch out for a version of Stravinsky’s “Le Sacre Printemps” by Stefan which will be released on Macro shortly.

There are also new cuts from the likes of A Made Up Sound, Mokira, Pixel and Ramadanman. I’ve also included the title track from the latest Jon Hassell album, which is quite stunning. Enjoy!


Stefan Goldmann - Voices of the Dead (live)
jon Hassell - Last Night the Moon Came (ECM)
Pixel - +28° 35 42.88 -80° 37 13.02 (Raster Noton)
Mokira - Valla Torg Kraut (Type)
Ramadanman - Humber (Sven Weisemann remix)
Cernlab - 03delay (Electroton)
Autechre - Eutow (Warp)
A Made Up Sound - Human Need (Heinrich Mueller Celestial Sphere remix) (Kontra)
Bronnt Industries Kapital - Objects and Purpose (Get Physical)
Tim Exile - Fortress (Warp)

Bleep43 podcast 133 - Stefan Goldmann

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