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Podcast 129 - Panda Stepping



This week’s guest mix comes from the mysterious Panda Stepping, and is probably one of the more leftfield choices I’ve had on the podcast, which of course is always a good thing. There’s also a whole raft of new records in the second half, including tracks from House of House, Isolee, Jackpot, the new Moxie, Rockford Inc and Seth Troxler (best surname ever!).



01. Stephen O’Malley – Salt (iDEAL Recordings)
02. Bernard Parmegiani - Incidences / Résonances (INA-GRM)
03. James Whitehead - GR4 (Unreleased)
04. Les Rallizes Denudes - Fucked Up And Naked (Sub Rosa)
05. Carsten Nicolai - Fades (Raster-Noton)
06. Anton Webern - Five Movements op. 5 - III. Sehr lebhaft (Deutsche Grammophon)
07. Mimerose Beaubrun - Ogou O Wa De Zanj (Smithsonian Folkway Recordings)
08. Curtis Roads - Now (Asphodel)
09. Villa Mella - Calunga (Nonesuch)
10. Todaiji Temple, Daibutsu, Nara (Nonsuch)
11. Conlon Nancarrow - Study No. 3e ‘Boogie-Woogie Suite’ (Wergo)
12. Fantômas - The Godfather (Ipecac)
13. Disinformation - National Grid (Live Mains Electricity) (Raster Noton)
14. Meshuggah – I (Fractured Transmitter Recording Company)
15. Ghanaian Funeral Music - Adova 2 (Avant)
16. Hecker - In Actu (Create 7.1 Edit) (Rephlex)
17. Sunn O))) - Orthodox Caveman (Southern Lord)
18. Claude Debussy - Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli (pianist) - Des pas sur la neige (Deutsche Grammophon)

House of House - Rushing to Paradise
Ben Klock - Gloaming
Stereociti - Waiting for Your call (Mojuba)
Craig smith & the Revenge - Hit ‘Em (6th Borough)
Isolee - Nightingale
Unknown - (from Music Institute Anniversary)
Captain Hands - Night On, Night Off (Moxie)
Den Haan - Theme from Den Haan (Dissident)
Material - Take A Chance
DJ Disciple meets David Tort & DJ Ruff - Crossroads
Seth Troxler - The Student
Myoshi Morris - Muzik
Jackpot - Ragazza
Rockford Inc. - Like a Rock
DJ Hell - My Definition of House Music


Expect anything and everything from Panda Stepping, who contributes this week’s guest mix.

Podcast 129 - Panda Stepping

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