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Podcast 108 - Jamie Thomson

Jamie Thomson, who has been DJing at the Traxx parties in Glasgow for some time, provides a guest mix of 80’s italo, House and Disco. There are also new records from Lindstrom, Noirdegout, Arctic Hospital, Plastique de Reve and a track off the latest Sten LP. I’ve also included an excellent EBM/Cold Wave track by Syn from the latest compilation on Das Drehmoment. Enjoy!



Novamen - Lies
Jamie Thomson mix
Traesk - Cubacumba
The Splash Band - Das Philadelphia Experiment 
John Carpenter - The End (Remix)
Ghost Note - Holy Jungle (Mark E Pressure Dub)
Max Essa - Theme From Superhorse
Extra T’s E.T. Boogie (The Tellurians Remix)
Patrick Cowley - Sea Hunt
Cerrone - Give Me Love
Amplified Orchestra - Reon
Technose District - Untitled
Dirty Hospital - Leave The Planet
Legowelt - Disco Rout
Syn - That’s You
Lindstrom - Grand Ideas
Plastique de Reve - Lost in the City
Hadamard - All Life is Suffering
Isolee - Alleinunterhalter
Arctic Hospital - At Random
Petar Dundov - Oasis
Sten - Unknown Faces
Noirdegout - A Frog on the Beach (Marco Passarani remix)
Pink Project - Amama
Fred Ventura - When I let you down (alden tyrell remix)

Jamie’s first mix for Bleep43

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