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Podcast 103 - Analogical Force

This week’s podcast features a guest mix by Analogical Force’s Pervert, plus new records from the likes of Black Devil Disco club, Jeff Mills, Mathew Jonson, I-Cube and Petar Dundov.

Time Light Curve - Multipole Vector
Black Devil Disco - Sorrow
Mesak - Ondspiral
Petar Dundov - Oasis
Pan/Tone - Makers
Klink & Ben NevilleTraffic
Adam Beyer & Mathew Jonson - Big Dipper
Amplified Orchestra - neon
Move D - Sisters and brothers
I-Cube - Chicago sur seine
Nina Simone - Here Comes the Sun (Francois K remix)
Jeff Mills - Alpha Centauri
Sami Koivikko - Sapphire
Gazebo - Masterpiece
Dynarec - Trust Machine
The Consumer - Love Fades Away
Kobol Electronics - Scientific Progress
Composite Profuse - Unknown
Dexter vs Cosmic Force - Gehegen Meuk
Gosub - The Chains of Technology
Model 500 - No UFO’s
Dynarec - Second Life Chronicles
Drexciya - Blowfin’s Black Storm Stabilizing Spheres
DCast Dynamics - Break, Travel & Time
Seymour Bits - Watskeburt (Alden Trell is een bass edit)
The Clone Machine - Clone Machine (DXR mix)
Orgue Electronique - Starway to the Ocean
Ectomorph - Dada
DMX Krew - Digital Input
Gosub - Populated Data Cells
France Copland - Unknown
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