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Bleep43 returns to the atmospheric surroundings of the Thames Tunnel Grand Entrance Hall where we’re delighted to present the UK debut of Sarah Davachi. It’s rare to come across a musician in command of their medium to the extent that Sarah is. Prolonged exposure to many of the most remarkable synthesizers of the last 50 years certainly hasn’t hindered this. However, no amount of Buchla, EMS or ARP circuitry can account for the talent she displays when writing and arranging. This ability ensures her compelling productions stand above any genre such as drone or ambient that might be attributed to her. We’re looking forward a great deal to hearing her perform live.


Opening the show is a performance from Charles Matthews’ Augmented Gamelan that both contrasts with and complements Sarah Davachi’s work. Taking the instruments of a Javanese percussion orchestra as its starting point, this project explores their possibilities using performers both robotic and human. On this occasion the performance has been customised specifically for the venue’s unique acoustics. Combined with a rhythmic light show this promises to be a total aural and visual experience. Please be aware that there may be strobing effects during the Augmented Gamelan show.


Performances start at 7.30. Beers will be available beforehand and during a short interval at 8.15.