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Nick Wilson interview

After three particularly eye-catching releases centred around Rob Alcock’s Continual label, young producer Nick Wilson has established himself as a talent in minimal techno to look out for the future. His approach is inflected by a refusal to submit to trends, a endearing tradition of fellow West Londoners Oliver Ho and Max Duley.

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Monolake interview

Since the release of his first track on the legendary Chain Reaction label in 1995, Robert Henke has been making cerebral textured music that has appealed to both the feet and the mind. His first LP, ‘Interstate’, on the Imbalance label, was the sign of things to come from Robert, accuentating the mood rather than the rhythm, but last year’s Momentum LP was a different take altogether, being much darker, intense and more rhythmically diverse than anything he had produced before.

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DJ Rolando interview

“…after Jaguar took off a few years back; it’s just been constant djing; hectic schedule. But I’m not complaining, it’s what I love doing so it’s been good to me.”

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To shape the future - Scape One interview

“For myself, science fiction is an infinite foundation for insight, it contains all the subjects I find really fascinating, for instance time travel, future technology, space exploration, androids, etc. But I am also inspired by idea’s about human emotion, what music means to an individual and how it stimulates us.”

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Octave One interview

If mixing desks could talk, what would the one under the commanding and palpably annoyed glare of Lawrence Burden say? This is obviously a big dumb mixer (it’s over 6 feet wide) because Lawrence and his brother Lenny have been rehearsing the opening song for their set here at Fabric, London, in February, for over half an hour, yet the mixer says nothing, and the sounds which it’s blending are still not to their satisfaction.

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