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Production Unit - Bridge EP


Production Unit is the alias of Glasgow producer Dave Donnelly. Having recorded as one third of the Marcia Blaine School For Girls he has been releasing music consistently for over a decade, is a key part of the Broken20, and runs the cassette only offshoot, Broken60.

On ‘Bridge’, Donnelly serves up four solid and varied tracks, carefully crafted from the pillars of bass, dub, IDM and techno. Starting out with ‘A Broken Rusted Angel’, we’re afforded a languid, spacey introduction as stammered vocals and twinkling synths are set on a warm, squashed bass. Jumped by quick fire claps and a more rugged, wobbling undertone the pressure grows, then lifts, as a Lone style rainbow of rave sets in, before returning and woozily ebbing away.   ‘Dub Coats 1 & 2’ is a heavier, sweatier affair. Building slowly with dub sensibility, colder keys introduce an air of menace and the pulse quickens as eerie chords and rattles create a sense of paranoia. The atmosphere thickens off a thudding bass before finally give way to a calmer temperament. A bit like escaping from the jungle. I imagine.

 ‘This Otha Planet’ is a finer slice initially with skittering percussion and cut up vocals eventually joined by a darker feel. Stabs and a punchier bass give it momentum after the breakdown before rave pianos evoke a Head High feel. The final track, ‘Beat Too’, is more awkward and twists along a persistent synth line before jumping up with a robotic vocal, crystal sharpened keys and stripped back fists of bass. An enjoyable release from a smart producer.


Olly Chubb


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