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Photek/Pinch - Acid Reign/M25FM


Pinch and Photek join forces once again for a new platter on Photek’s own Productions imprint. Whereas ‘Closer’ saw Pinch on remix duty, here, having spent some time together in the studio, the two bass heavyweights collaborate in full for two contrasting, acid tinged work outs.

‘Acid Reign (Pinch’s Dubplate Version)’ first saw the light of day on his recent Fabric mix. Starting with what sounds like distant birds chattering, the track is soon enveloped by rumbling clouds of bass. Acid lines and a child like mutter set the tone before a deep kick and vocal snippets build towards a thunderous half step pressure that cloaks us in a claustrophobic weight of sound. Glimpses of light flash through the dense atmosphere and offer shelter from the ominous rumbling overhead. It feels like being caught in a storm.

In keeping with the guest appearance on a mix theme, ‘M25FM’ appears on Photek’s instalment of the DJ Kicks series, released this week. It’s a more straight ahead offering and sits at a tempo that will suit most dance floors. Combining acid coated beats with a trance trim the track glides along in a smooth, affable manner, injecting chords and percussion that subtly build a slow but infectious groove.

Both tracks bear a trace of nostalgia that fittingly bridges the generation gap between two of the finest from the past and the present. On this evidence, the future is in good hands.

Olly Chubb

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