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Photonz - Love Spectre

Don’t Be Afraid

Photonz, the Portuguese duo who came to prominence with their ‘No Fear’ record on Dissident, have always tried to instil a sense of fun into their productions and this release on the increasingly impressive London-based label ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ is no exception.

‘Spectre’ takes the jacking house blueprint and rinses a xylophone line on top, creating a cut that won’t win prizes for innovation but is sure to put a smile on your face. ‘Wall’ takes a more steadied approach and within its tech-house leanings is a rich tapestry of percussion building to a discordant crescendo. 

On the flipside, ‘Dokos’ is like something Legowelt would rustle up between breakfast & elevenses; it’s inoffensive but ultimately uninspiring. Ratcheting things up a notch or five, ‘Prometheus’ is a rollicking track that mixes 90s Detroit techno & electro influences with the modern bass heavy, juke-style approach of acts like Addison Groove & Sepalcure to end the record with a bang.

‘Love Spectre’ is a thoroughly decent release but whose incongruent nature works against it at times and because of that, it’s unlikely that all four tracks will be treated with the same reverence by the listener. However, its varied nature means that the record warrants a listen and is another accomplished addition to the repertoire of both artist & label.

Paul Fanning @stanleyknives


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