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Anton Maiovvi - Battlestar Replicant/Trial by Bullets

Seed Records

If 2010’s “The Thorns of Love” showed a reflective side to Maiovvi’s work, then this grandstanding double LP that soundtracks a fictitious pair of Italian sci-fci/crime films is back to the arena where you suspect he enjoys himself the most. Bombastic is perhaps too heavy an adjective for Maiovvi’s work here - as there’s very much a sense of drama and tension that marks him to be, whilst not quite as idiosyncratic as Danny Wolfers, very much one of the best producers making this kind of music right now. That’s a little bit of a loaded statement because deep down this is something of a “closed sound”; taking its cue from the huge influence of Carpenter and Simonetti, the horror disco genre can really only go in one direction, but given the anodyne nature of much of today’s dancefloors its escapist nature will have a place, at least for now.

Of the two albums, “Battlestar Replicant” is the better - being bookended by two lavish 15 minute epics. “I offer unto thee..” shimmers with some wonderful composition as it builds slowly but surely to a thunderous climax that Maiovvi then sustains for another six or so, carefully managing to give us only a small snippet of the main melody before crashing it back in again at the end. I must have listened to this particular track about 50 times in the last month - the melody in particular has a crushing magnetism that lends itself well to exuberant posturing on the dancefloor. Similarly, “Martian Time-Slip” dances and sparkles without resorting to ponderous repitition - Maiovvi’s ability to pace and mark out definitive compositions rather than relying on “sounds” and before you know it, 15 minutes have whistled by.

“Trial by Bullets” doesn’t quite have the same sense of occasion but still manages to jampack a number of coruscasting hi-nrg cuts into the 6 tracks. “Commander Powell is dead” pulses defiantly, whilst “Mission Europa” positively hums with all manner of melodic excursions. In fact it would not be too much to say that his ideas and compositions really fit the 10 minute plus timeframe - at times this second album, where most of the tracks are only 8 minutres or so does feel like too much is going on for the individual songs to really stand out. 

As a whole release there’s a lot for fans of his previous material to savour. The sense of drama and undercurrents of slightly wrong sex lace Maiovvi’s work as always and if anything, the rule seems to be that the longer the tune the better. 

Toby Frith


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