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Bop - The amazing adventures of one curious pixel


Bop, a Russian electronica producer based out of St. Petersburg, has a knack for creating quirky yet subtly beautiful music. His first album, Clear Your Mind, featured a refreshing take on the dubstep, IDM, glitch, and chillout genres, with wonderful soundscapes, minimal drum programming, and delicate melodies so sublime that they could make a grown man cry (at least in tracks like “Song About My Dog”). His sophomore album, The Amazing Adventures of One Curious Pixel, covers similar ground as his debut album, but the overall execution shows Bop’s growing maturity and sophistication as a producer.

The best tracks on The Amazing Adventures of One Curious Pixel are also the quirkiest, and sound like they were meant for older Nintendo video games. “8-bit Cosmos” is an energetic, almost frenetic track that weaves together video game sounds and creamy melodies with beats reminiscent of Bogdan Raczynski from Boku mo Wakaran and Samurai Math Beats. The track continually reminds me of my youth, when I played nonstop Nintendo games like Rygar and Wizards and Warriors. It is a wonderful chip tune hybrid. While not as memorable or quirky as “8-bit Cosmos,” the title track, “The Amazing Adventures of One Curious Pixel,” takes the listener on an interesting ride, marrying glitchy drums with video game sounds and creamy synths. Both of these tracks show what Bop is capable of when he is on his game. 

Perhaps the first two tracks are a classic example of bait and switch? From there, Bop moves away from the video game influences (somewhat to my displeasure) and explores tracks that combine minimal beats with dreamy and pretty soundscapes. The following tracks are all good standalone compositions, but fail to capture the magic of album’s first two tracks. “Sunrain” is a smooth and hypnotic take on the house genre. “The End is the Beginning” is a groovy track that feels like it was taken directly out of Boulderdash’s We Never Went to Koxut Island. “Extraterrestrial Creatures are Stealing You from Me from the Bedroom,” is a slow, and overall pretty song that features gorgeous synths and vocals over glitchy drum programming. While the track is nice, it fails to do justice to its awesome title! Bop speeds things up again with “Intercontinental Meltdown,” which is unfortunately the most forgettable track on the album.

Overall, Bop has created a nice album in The Amazing Adventures of One Curious Pixel. There are no noticeable duds, and it provides nice music that lends itself well to repeat listens. The biggest misstep, however, is that the album fails to live up to the potential of its awesome first two tracks. Whatever the case, Bop has shown himself a versatile producer who can create deep, passionate, and at times quirky lower tempo music. 

Jeremy Yellen

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