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Tommy Walker III - Dance, Music, Clubbing

Cyber Dance

Using a bass guitar in electronic dance music isn’t a new thing, but to Tommy Walker III’s credit, his style of playing illuminates his compositions to dramatic effect. This 5 track EP on Cyber Dance is choc full of glam funk style riffs that sound like Bootsy Collins wife-swapping with Roy Wood’s Wizard and going to town in Wolverhampton on a diet of benzadrine and lambrini.

Walker’s compositional style is chaotic without ever becoming confusing - on “Errational”, hisses and squalls fight for attention over a duelling guitar and bass so much that after a while you feel like the song is going to explode and yet it finishes gracefully. EP closer “V Brains” sounds like a mutated theme tune to Brookside. It’s difficult at times to pin down what is so compelling about his music, but most of the time it’s because he doesn’t sound like anyone else. 

Toby Frith

Tommy Walker III soundcloud


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