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Inch Time - The Floating World

(Mystery Plays)

“The Floating World”, known indigenously as Ukiyo, was a Japanese mass movement during the Edo period of Japan that encouraged wanton enjoyment of fashion, aesthetics, entertainment and sex. “The Floating World” of Inch-Time doesn’t quite deliver such sensual exaltation but I’m not angling for a reimbursement from Adelaide native Stefan Panczak just yet. Now based in London, this self released album is his third full length LP after a string of seven inch, twelve inch & cassette releases for an array of labels. Brandishing a sound that combines synthetic & traditional instrumentation to create some serene electronica, Panczak’s latest is his most refined yet.

“Videograms” is the first of the twelve tracks and is propelled by a tight drum beat and layers of synths and piano while the ensuing “X-Ray Eyes” is a brooding piece that echoes the criminally over-looked Enno Velthuys. “Of Times Past” is a pensive number worthy of its name and is one of the faster-paced tracks on offer with plenty of mileage garnered from three chords and a jazzy piano line. “Late Spring” juxtaposes subtle electronics with folk strings and piano reminiscent of early Four Tet. A slant further elaborated in “Ukiyo” where a hymnal synth and a picked guitar duel over a 707 beat to provide the album apogee.

The Ukiyo movement promoted the divorcing of oneself from mundanity and into an evanescent world where greater attention could be paid to beauty. “The Floating World” is an album that appears slight on first listen but grows as further nuances reveal themselves. The instrumentation isn’t ostentatious despite Panczak’s jazz background and this enhances the tracks with many of them redolent of Kevin Shields’ soundtrack work on Lost in Translation. Panczak hasn’t expanded on what has become a crowded field that fuses folk stylings & ambient electronica but he has created an album that makes for pleasant accompaniment music. I can imagine this album soundtracking many a dinner party although perhaps not those that involve a bowl and some car keys despite the likely appeal to dilettantes of Ukiyo

Paul Fanning

Mystery Worlds - Inch Time

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