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Zombi - Escape Velocity

Pittsburgh duo Zombi Steve Moore and Anthony Paterra combine melodramatic synth action and live drums. That’s it. Simplistic, but when applied properly and with some vigour, any notions of nostalgia for John Carpenter rocking out in Klaus Schulze’s studio are dispersed by the sheer energy of their compositions. This is hi-octane, cinematic stuff that is light on subtlety. Instead it’s full of sweeping arpeggios and dramatic melodic vistas, returning to a dancefloor theme after the overt prog of Spirit Animal. 
There’s much to admire here with respect to anthems on this five track EP. The best track DE3 throbs with the tiniest acid edge propelling it along to a lighter-waving finish, but if there’s a criticism, it’s that Zombi appear to be a band with only one real aesthetic. Admittedly, they do it particularly well, yet it’s hard to escape the feeling that other moods and themes have them clutching at straws. Album closer Time of Troubles in particular feels empty, with Paterra’s drums feeling somewhat flat. Escape Velocity will appeal to fans, but one wonders when they’ll move onto new pastures.
Toby Frith

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