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Scape One - Potent Mutagen EP

Cultivated Electronics

That’s not electro! A phrase you’ll hear uttered by 30-something men like myself when hearing the latest klepto-rave fad emanating from the 8-bit depths of teenage bedrooms, deigning to use the term without appropriate salutary reference to the twin gods of the genre, Kraftwerk and Drexciya. 

Kurt Baggaley aka Scape One, makes electro. A lot of it. He’s arguably one of the genre’s most prolific producers and turns to UK label CE for his first outing there. Aside from the now-standard references to socio-robotic dystopia that seems to be a jarring thematic issue for a lot of music coming from this genre (i.e lighten up chaps), his skill is in churning out powerful dancefloor jams with relative ease. The melodic composition in particular on the title track is simplistic but effective, combining soaring strings and a bubbling acid line. Sync24’s remix of “Substorm” takes a while to get going but pulls it out of the bag at the end. French producer Dynarec shifts things slightly on a sonic level, with his remix of “Time Falls” bringing a satisfying EP to a close.

Toby Frith


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