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DJ Yoav B - Wisdom Traxx EP


Yoav Bernstein made a quartet of powerful, abstract house records between 2004 and 2006 before disappearing. He returned with 2010’s Love Dubs and now this new EP on Belgian label Meakusma. It’s a disjointed affair, albeit one that isn’t without charm and a lot of appeal, especially to those DJs who like their house left-of-centre.

Once you’ve got past the filtered and rather anodyne “Sunset Glow Disko”, the three other tracks each shine. “Electricite” tinkles, hisses and throbs at the same time, although never quite reaching a satisfying peak. “Wisdom Bop” is the standout contribution and whilst the cluttered, lo-fi sound means that it worships at the altar of Mr T Parrish, there’s an individual finesse to the various elements at play - it does however go on for a little too long at nine minutes. The Protect-U remix (above) showcases some interesting sounds from this little known duo.

Toby Frith


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