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NCW - Panther Veil


Nick Wilson, who had produced a number of esoteric minimal techno records back in 2005, returns under a new guise on the debut release for Dublin’s Apartment label. It’s a mixed bag of 3 tunes, from the smoky Romanthony-inspired vibes of “Veil” to the scattered 303 trills of “My Braindead Acid” and “Panther”, which very much inhabits the darker and more industrial side of matters. 

All three tracks have an element of euphoria in them, although very subtle  - “Veil” has sheens of drama that grow and grow, but it is let down by not having enough energy or a change in direction to quite sustain it over the 7 minute length. Wilson’s techno background comes to the fore in “Braindead”, which sounds like a deranged Sendex, whilst “Panther” takes a typical Detroit-sounding chord and messes about it to almost unrecognisable levels, churning it into a weird jacking monster. Although it’s hard to really select one track over the others, there’s both weirdness and the delicate hand of someone who knows the best elements of both house and techno. More please.

Toby Frith

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