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John Daly - Sea Level

Further Records

Although he’s been rather prolific since debuting in 2006, I’ve never been convinced by Daly’s work up until this point. His range, between deep house and cosmic forays had all the right ideas and palette of sound, but there wasn’t quite the unique character and production values that marked him out as being truly special. It’s quite easy to sound “deep” in this day and age.

“Sea Level” is however a great step in the right direction. Recorded live to tape in one take, both tracks manage to eschew brevity without sacrificing character and quality. The “Haze” mix is a whopping 21 minutes of aquatic splendour and whilst it doesn’t really have quite the kinetic energy to make it a standout ambient track that you can drop on a dancefloor (I’m thinking Carl Craig’s dramatic remix of Dave Angel as a marker here for that sort of thing) it does soar. On the other side, the “Aerosol” remix is much more rhythmically solid, building to a steady melodic finish. Recommended.

Toby Frith

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lulz @ it being easy to sound deep these days.

it's always been easy to sound "deep" it just matters what you do with it.

i like pretty much everything John has done. Further Records as well.

amazing imprint. much success to them.

October 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMike

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