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Mark du Mosch - Exegesis EP


A Mark du Mosch record is very rarely anything than an object of beauty - check his recent releases on labels such as Moustache and Cyberdance and you will always find buried deep within them melodies and progressions that hark at a serious talent. I have to admit that I’m a sucker for a good melody in techno (this happens more and more often as you get older, exiting a club thinking “I wanted some TUNES!”) and du Mosch delivers them in spades here - not only in the sinewy and sombre affection of “Swingin’ it” but in the insistent throb of “Reminiscing”. 

What makes him a great techno/house producer is that his records and tracks fall precisely in the middle of the two genres without being a weak or diluted version of either. Furthermore, all great producers are instantly recognisable by the tracks they make and here du Mosch delivers again - there’s a bittersweet feeling to his melodies that eschews current sounds and doesn’t resort to harking back to classicism. There are hints of all the memes of great electronic dance music, but to his credit, he consistently moulds them into something new and intriguing. 

Toby Frith

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