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Adapta - EP 1

adapta ep1 by adapta

Brutalist Sunset

Steve Conner was part of Bitstream, who set a precedent for intelligent, thought-provoking electro in the last decade that sadly virtually very few, if any, have followed. There was a duality of density and lightness in their sound that made their sound a particular one and whilst “Crab Nebula” and “Monolith” tipped their hat to the pioneering sound of AFX et al, they retained a fragile beauty that was their own.

This new project by Conner is somewhat different, retaining the concretion of previous works but layering it with a thick code of noise and surface material that makes it quite impenetrable at times. Gone are the soaring tones, replaced with all manner of bubbling, intertwining drones and dystopian cinematic backdrops to possible neural interface breakdowns, chipset failures or something. 

Naturally when you throw electro and  future science together, someone is going to mention Dr*xciya in about 5 seconds flat, which is what I’ve done. Yet here Conner’s work isn’t like the mathematical models of Gerald Donald’s fancy - it’s more about actual hardware. I like dance music that can be difficult to decode and this is a good example - over the four tracks it’s really hard to grasp anything propulsive and at first listen hypnotic, as if Conner is playing with your mind as he preprograms your listening preset ideas. This is dense, scratchy and ultimately cerebral electro that moves and changes in beautifuly unexpected directions over the course of 4 tracks. Scratch the surface and you’ll find a lot here to savour.

Toby Frith

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