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Antoni Maiovvi - The Thorns of Love



Horror Disco, a genre that has grown in the last year with acts such Bottin and Michael Mayer’ Fright label, is a peculiar hybrid. Growing out of the accidental collision of Goblin and Dario Argento, it was given further credence by the warped genius of Danny Wolfers, but deep down one wonders how much further can run with something so specialised.

Anton Maiovvi emerged last year on the aforementioned Fright label after two album on Seed Records. The latter, “Shadow of the Bloodstained Kiss”, contained some vibrant music that never was in doubt as to its mentors - namely the likes of John Carpenter and Giorgio Moroder. This new release on Caravan though harks at a subtlety that was missing in earlier releases.

“The Thorns of Love” is a much shorter affair and it’s brevity is a bonus. Although “Class Dagger” weighs in at 12 minutes in length, Maiovvi keeps the rest of the compositions nicely measured and there’s not so much insistence on rhythm. “Treason” for example breaks up the beats with a solemn piano line that hints at a more expressive side to his music. The reliance on tempo is restrained and more attention given to a breadth of timbres and emotions. Whilst “The Sigh from the Sky was a lie without doubt” maintains the lineage from the previous album, the presence of guitars and Temptation-era New Order sounds gives it a balearic feel coated with melancholy.

Central to the album is “Class Dagger”. Built around a simple melodic trope, it grows in stages with Maiovvi applying various layers , climaxing in quite euphoric fashion. There’s a distinct maturity to his work that begins to shine through on repeated listening and in the last track, “Horsehead Blue”, this is readily apparent.  With a touch of goth-sounding guitar, it takes in the pastoral beauty of classic Aphex Twin material and brings the album to a immensely satisfactory close. It’s perhaps a shame that the vocals on it though are a little muddied.

Maiovvi has moved on from the brash disco of his previous work with this album and he’s all the stronger for it. With a swathe of different emotions allied to a talent for producing strong melodies, he’s crafted a piece of beauty that has an emotional resonance beyond the range of many dance-orientated musicians.

Toby Frith

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Any chance of a download or listen link to go with the articles?!

July 6, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSean

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