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Fluxion - Perfused




It is difficult to explain the persistent popularity of Basic Channel/Chain Reaction style dub techno, when similarly promising styles have long since fallen out of favor.  But who’s to complain when the output is good?  That’s the ultimate conundrum of Fluxion’s new album, ‘Perfused’—we’ve been there and done that a hundred times before, but it just sounds so good.   

Why, you ask?  Well, for one thing, Fluxion—the alter ego of Konstantinos Soublis—was an original Chain Reaction artist.  As a result, it’s not terribly surprising that he’d do the standard Chain Reaction fare justice.  “Horizons” is just that, mopey, rain-on-the-windows dub techno with just enough sizzle and funk to move the after-hours crowd.  

The rest of the album is surprisingly uptempo.  “Waves” adds an energetic, bouncy swing complemented by motorik bass and sultry deep house chords.  For some, it might recall Arik Brikha’s late 1990s output. A second high-energy track, “Tantalizer,” is a little less inspired, but solid nonetheless.  “Inductance,” though, brings the swing back to the table.  The track centers on a Jacking house bass and resonated, long-attack chords, and really doesn’t introduce much else.  But it doesn’t really need to, when the bass is just so damned infectious.  

At this point, Soublis changes tack.  Of all things, “Wabbler” is a slice of surprisingly cheery, Caribbean-influenced downtempo.  It’s a lighthearted moment, and one that reminds listeners of how deadly serious most techno is, particularly in this corner of the genre.  As such, it’s a welcome respite.   

The drab “Fluctuations” follows, but then Soublis finds his esoteric rhythm again with “Elation,” which, of all things, seems to run to the more soul-inflected regions of Detroit techno and deep house.  It’s well designed to make the dancefloor move.   

Unfortunately, the final two outings—“Inductance” and “Perfuse”—don’t have the same sense of fun.  They’re fine, but don’t live up to the best moments on display here.  But that shouldn’t stop techno aficionados from snapping this one up.  Even though you’ve heard it all before, you haven’t really. 

Gustav Brown

Reader Comments (3)

I loved his first two albums on Chain Reaction but this was a huge let down. Something has changed dramatically in his production, this sounds more like rent-a-dub production from a digital workstation than the work of a once great original producer. What happened to the depth and the sound design? I personally think the Intel chip reduced the quality of his work. I was honestly surprised to see any praise for this genre given the past reviews of similar artist in the field have been shredded with a ginsu knife.

June 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterConfused?

You may have a point on sound design...that's a weak spot I probably should have addressed in the review. It is indeed a bit cookie-cutter in that respect, but I think the songs themselves are, well, fun. That's pretty atypical for the genre, and why I found this album refreshing. If we had numerical values for our reviews, I'd probably give it somewhere between a 7.5 and an 8 out of 10, depending on my mood.

July 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGustav

I've come to Fluxion late (only have heard Perfused). I only heard Basic Channel this year (BCD, BCD2, Quadrant Dub). As for Chain Reaction, the only other stuff I know from them is Monolake's Hong Kong, on which I only find Arte amazing. I think Perfused has a very clean and upbeat sound to it, and I think it's a decent album. Wabbler and maybe one other sound too repetitive, but overall I think it's a good listen.

I get this feeling the Basic Channel fans are just mourning the loss of something they miss from the past. Perfused is just different.

I find Gustav's review closer to how I feel about the album than many other "it's not as good as his Chain Reaction stuff" reviews I have read.

February 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAlmo

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