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Records of the Week - April 29th 2010

Jamie Read - Never the Future (Elektrosouls)

New label Elektrosoul seem to cater for vintage-style Detroit-laced techno and electro, and they’ve managed to get Jamie Read onboard for this release - the last we heard from him was the farrago over Peacefrog’s Joe Lewis album. Anyway, this is a great record - timeless production techniques mixed with some proper techno elements - and it’s heartwarming to see a number of UK artists from the 90’s resurrect their musical careers with some superb releases recently. “Messages from Outer Space” will I suspect be still in my record box this time next year.



Genius of Time - Same old place EP (Aniara)

Good, textured house from Sweden. It’s nothing new, but there’s a summery vibe about both tracks on this release that permeates quickly, and the vocals on the A side are particularly catchy.


Donato Dozzy, Peter Van Hoesen and Matt O’Brien - Talis (Curle)

Throbbing, atmospheric techno - the collaboration between Dozzy and Van Hoesen is to a certain extent a little predictable, but it’s still much better than most of the Berghain-influenced 127 bpm techno you’ll hear all year. O’Brien’s cut is much more up tempo, echoing his recent Off-Key material.


Tevo Howard - Kisses from New York with Love (Rebirth)

I wasn’t that taken with the “Crystal Republic” release from earlier this year, but have warmed to this - it’s a melancholy, low-key and slightly abstract record that sounds to me like a mix between the stuttering clattering vibe of Terrence Dixon and Theo Parrish, with off-kilter piano playing off against analogue drum machines. “Boing Pop” is more traditional in style, but retains an excellent vibe throughout.


Alex Cortex - Shadow Key EP (Pomelo)

 Solid, dancefloor techno and electro with just the right amount of dynamics to make it stand out. Cortex’s releases always seem to have a number of elements in them to keep your interest, but I had yet to hear something that truly grabbed me. There’s a range of sounds on here, from full on trance to the grimy static of “Anvil”.


Keith Worthy - Moments in Rhythm Vol2 (Aesthetic Audio)


Excellent, deep techno that to me doesn’t carry the hallmarks of most Detroit releases today, which is a good thing. The Motor City Mayhem remix retains a subtle feeling that doesn’t rely on crushing everything with compression and reverb.



Dan Deacon - Woof Woof EP (Amazing Sounds)



 Weird Scottish synthpop that will have you scratching your head - which is a good thing! I didn’t quite know what to make of this record, but suffice to say all the remixes are completely different, and each has a real, unique vibe to them. The Hudson Mohawke mix sounds like a joyous collision of unrecognisable elements that somehow manages to work despite feeling like it will fall apart at any time. Well worth checking.


Jared Wilson - Paris Massacre


Anyone releasing murky, lo-fi analogue techno in this day and age will always get my vote. Why? It just sounds alive. Jared Wilson has been releasing some excellent records over the last couple of year, and this is a worthwhile addition. Sleazy acid that sounds like it was recorded in a garage. Check.

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