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Records of the Week April 12th 2010

Cosmin TRG - See Other People  (Rush Hour)


A much-hyped producer from Romania who has had a lot of attention for his debut release on Tempa. This is all about the B-side “Groove Control”. It combines a stark 2-step rhythm with some seriously excellent acid-detroit aspects that won’t fail to convert anyone hesitant to see the potential of these techno-dubstep crossovers. I know, I have been for a while, but this is a cracking record full stop. There’s plenty of dynamic elements to it, and an energy that I feel is missing from a lot of this genre.



Mike Parker - GPH14 (Geophone)


Mike Parker should be huge. Not in a bloated way, but he was making the sort of techno bleated about and played in Berghain long before the club was even in existence. This is further evidence of the sort of dark, introspective techno that he excels at. All his material is played live, and as far as I’m aware, not recorded or rehearsed beforehand. It’s always good to hear his exceptional productions, and courtesy of Donato Dozzy, we’re hearing them out. There’s also a Spectral release with him and Audion out as well.


Lost Trax - Lost Trax 2 (SCSI-AV) 


A welcome return for a label who kept decent Electro alive for a while. This isn’t anything spectacular, but it is well composed analogue-sounding 4/4 material. “The Sequel” is the sort of sleek, atmospheric electro that sums up this genre a little too easily, but there’s enough charm in it to check.





The Hundred in the Hands - Dressed in Dresden (Warp)


The Kyle Hall mix on this is well worth checking.







V/A - Workshop 10 (Workshop)


I sometimes find this lot a little too hip for their own good sometimes, with their achingly touching reconstructions of house. Nothing ever goes above 125 bpm and I often feel the urge to just ask them to put a Jeff Mills record on just to put people’s hands in the air. There have been some good records on Workshop in the past, but no great ones. This release follows that trend, and whilst all you’re getting is recycled Detroit house with a few little slivers of difference here and there, it is compiled and composed with a knowing touch that is hard to really disguise. The Lowtec contribution is by far the best, simple keys bouncing over a light rhythm to great effect.

Traversible Wormhole - Volume 7 (TW)


Adam X in his new guise of Traversible Wormhole. This is dark, industrialized techno that has just enough in it to make you come back for more. Naturally, far more deadly in a club than at home, and full of some nice atmospheric moments, with an undercurrent of noisy static underneath. A little formulaic, but hey, it’s techno!





Floating Points - People’s Potential (Eglo)


A name that’s being bandied about a lot right now, and whilst I’m always hesitant in following the hype, this is further proof of a burgeoning talent. Whilst the A-side is a subtle, 115 bpm house stomper inflected with the tiniest of acid squelches, it’s the B-side “Shark Chase” that really sees Shepherd express himself. It’s much more Detroit house than anything else, with plenty of abstraction centred around a nagging groove.

 Toby Frith



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Nice list.

Good to see SCSI-AV back. That Kyle Hall sounds interesting. Quite liking the A side of his recent Hyperdub release.


April 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDVNT

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