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Records of the Week - March 30th 2010

Kyle Hall - Kaychunk/You know what I feel (Hyperdub)


Feted as the new face of the next generation of Detroit Techno and House, Hall has been a name on a few people’s lips for a year or so, and this is a great reason why. It’s a shuffling, Shake-like slippery beast of a single, with some great low-end and some lovely ecstatic moments that remind me of Ian O’Brien. Jazzy techno for want of a better word, but with an undeniably unique slant. The flip features more of the rhythms you’d associate with Hyperdub, but without losing the Motor City vibe.



Surgeon - Compliance Momentum (Dynamic Tension)


A welcome return for Mr Child, firing off two solid tracks on Dynamic Tension for the first time in 3 years. Those familiar with his recent DJ sets will recognise the title track, which grows with a creeping sense of tension. The flip is much more stripped down, but has a funk to it that is without doubt his trademark.





Numbercult - Numbercult 3


This Glasgow-based artist has put out a couple of good singles already, and follows it up with another slice of excellent techno. Fans of the likes of fellow Scottish label Iridite and the like will be interested in this, although it’s not as rooted in Detroit aesthetics, and is somewhat tougher.  “Hidden Symmetry” is an absorbing mix of melodies and floorfiller material.




Sarrass - Lust EP (Third Ear)


A debut on Third Ear from this Freiburg-based artist, and it’s a deep affair, with the higlight being the narcotic pulse of “Lousia Souza”, which clocks in at just over 10 minutes. Ambiguous in tone and feel, it slides across the atmospheric barometer, changing in vibe but never losing the momentum. I’m reminded of Isolee at times.





Yoav B - Love Dubs EP (Delsin)


After a period of hiatus, Yoav B is back with some more crushing deepness. The opener “Higher Love” is a slow-burning 110 bpm stomp topped off by a crisp acid line, “Love Dub” mixes bleeps and rhodes keys in a bizarre fashion, and “Soul Surrender” finishes matters in a suitably atmospheric fashion. It’s all dusted down with some unusual touches which often err on the side of Theo Parrish-style wonk, which is definitely a thumbs up from me. Excellent.


Toby Frith

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