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V/A - Trame

V/A - TRAME (MinimalRome)

MinimalRome has quickly established itself as another fount of the italo/electro/soundtrack genre that has emerged from the remnants of the Cybernetic Broadcasting System community founded by I-F. Alongside Danny Wolfers’ Strange Life label, it concentrates on sci-fi-orientated weirdness, the music mostly created on analogue equipment. Like label owner Valerio Lombardozzi’s Heinrich Dressel project, a cinematic aesthetic is at the forefront, and this very limited (99 copies only!) compilation is a good summary of Minimal Rome’s output at the moment.

With contributions from the likes of Unit Black Flight, Danny Wolfers (as Nacho Patrol), Analogous Doom, Alpha 606 and Kobol electronics, there’s much to savour here, and the range of artists is complemented by a sense of narrative with the tracks chosen that helps to make this a different sort of compilation. Wolfers’ contribution is strangely one of the less compelling, being the sort of murky synth workout that one expects from him, but it does help to build a satisfying start to an audial journey that gets better and better.

Yet it is difficult to extricate this sort of music from the acts that were central to its genesis. There’s more than a touch of the influence of Popol Vuh in the droning voices to “Circle” by Jauzas the Shining, and the hand of James Stinson is at large in Kobol Electronics “A Violent Sea Storm damaged the wharf”. Alpha606’s “Particulas de Polvo” is steeped in early 90’s UK techno, but to his credit he manges to produce a wonderfully melancholy composition.

The highlight is the cosmic “Night Flight” by Modular Experiment, an 8 minute epic that swoops and swoons over a bed of heavy analogue melodies. It’s assured and carries a swagger that is often missing from this sort of music. Vagon Brei’s “Don’t Look Back” complements this with another moody atmospheric track, and it’s left to the ubiquitous owner of the label to finish matters with a Heinrich Dressel offering, “Tema Finale”.

“Trame” weighs heavy with the recognition of its influences, but in its defence, Minimalrome is an important label furthering the recognition of a new style of electro and other hardware-based aesthetics amongst a range of artists who can turn their hand to other styles apart from those aimed at the dancefloor. Although extremely limited, those interested in this genre should pick this up.

Toby Frith

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