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Records of the Week - July 7th



I’m obviously very late to the whole dubstep/funky party, but the latest 12” by Untold might just pique my interest in the genre a little further. It is rooted in ‘95 garage, but as Hardwax put it, there is an element of the unique vision of Anthony Shakir buried somewhere in this release. If there’s one criticism of the genre, I think it’s probably that there’s yet to be a record that can define it yet - Burial came close - but with each month the odds are shortening.

I’ve been a little slack on this front recently, so there’s a bumper crop of releases for you to pore over, from Jeff Mills to DMX Krew, Lory D, the latest Minimal Rome, Pepe Bradock, Reggie Dokes, Jared Wilson and I recommend the Bas Ror record when it hits the shelves.




CRC - Zyntax 02 (Zyntaxax Motorcity)




BAS ror - Fixed Purpose (Data Leak)




Jared Wilson - Bangkok Four Seasons (Blank Artist)




Datasette - The Aviatrix (Echoecho)




Andy Stott - Brief Encounter (Modern Love)




DMX Krew - Wave Funk Volume 1 (Rephlex)




V/A - Urbi et Orbi (Minimal Rome)




Frozen Border - Frozen Border 3 (Frozen Border)




Orphx - Division EP (Sonic Groove)




Jeff Mills - Time Mechanics 03 Adjustments (Tomorrow)




Lory D - Plissken (Subdance)





STL - The Unknown Voyage (Something)




Zepp001 - Don’t Sleep (Delusions of Grandeur)




Reggie Dokes - Spectacle of Deepness (We Play House)



TBD - What is This? (What is This)




Chicago Skyway - Heavens and Angels EP (M>O>S)




Pepe Bradock - Path of Most Resistance (Atavisme)




Trinidadian Deep - The Offering (Future Vision)




Andre Lodemann - Coming Home EP (Best Work)




Moby - Pale Horses (Little Idiot)




Mikromatika - The Way Is Music (Patpong)






Mr Pauli - 935 Lies (Clone West Coast)




This is Belgium - The Boccaccio Four (unknown)




DMX Krew - Come to Me (Permanent Vacation)




Who Made Who - Keep Me in my Plane (Gomma)




Dorothys Fortress - Django Strikes Again EP (Destroy All Planets)




Codebreaker - Follow Me (Disco Demolition)




Toby Frith


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