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Records of the Week - October 11th

More experimental darkness from the MinimalRome camp with the second release by TeslaSonic. This Italian label gets better and better with each record that comes out. “The Devastating Spark of Prometheus” in particular is a soaring piece of downtempo cosmic disco that could go on for ever. The cover isn’t half bad either. Elsewhere, check the releases by Marcellus Pittman, Matt O’Brien, the Surgeon remix of Moderat (mmmm), the new STL,  Dreesvn and finally the Bas Ror release on Data Leak.



Marcellus Pittman - Unirhythm Green (Unirhythm)




Matt O’Brien - From the Periphery (Offkey)




6th Borough Project - Miss World (Delusions of Grandeur)




Above Smoke - Time EP (Deep Explorer)





STL - STL 4 (Something)




Ernie - Countdown to Wake Up (Mineundo)




LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 (Theo Parrish remix) (DFA)




Dreesvn - Tall Stories (Acido)




XDB - Cagomi (Metrolux)




Steve Summers - Jack Flash EP (Clone Jack for Daze)






Unknown Artist - Idle Hands 001 (Idle Hands)




Wickeda/Ramadanman - A Nie Dvamata (Wickeda)




Moderat/Untold/Surgeon - Seamonkey (Bpitch Control)




Basic Soul Unit/Lerosa - Panorama Bar Pt2 (Ostgut Ton)





Bas Ror - Fixed Purpose (Data Leak)




MLZ - One Cycle (Modern Love)




Marcel Dettman - Apron (MDR) 




Efdemin - CRC (Curle)




Delta Funktionen - Elektromagnetic Radation Part 2 (Ann Aimee)





The Hasbeens - You and Me (Clone)




Lakaband - I have to Dance (Mekalaka)




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