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Records of the Week - August 27th


To be perfectly honest, with the summer dying a painful death here in Britain, the quality of good records being released seems to have peetered out like the hours of sunshine. As the two best records out are reissues, It’s left to Norwegian Disco hustler Todd Terje to inject some wistful Balearic goodness into matters, sampling Jean-Luc Ponty on the debut release by Dolle Jolle on Permanent Vacation to grab this week’s accolade. 

Keeping on the Balearic tip, Studio and A Mountain of One get to remix Fontan with slightly predictable if charming results. The latest on Tirk by Hedford Vachal is worth a listen, DFA come up with some straight forward acid-disco in the form of Plastique de Reve’s Lost in the City, and for Italo fans there’s a 100 only release by Datashat on Handsette Recordings that mashes up Casco’s “Stop” with “The Message”. Well worth tracking down.

House fans are treated to 2 rereleases of legendary records, namely Lil Louis and the World’s “I Called You” on Epic, and Armando’s first release on Warehouse. The first is a bona fide reissue, the second I’m not so sure about. Still, they’re both amazing and if you’ve not got the originals, get them.

Todd Osborne’s latest on Running Back warrants investigation, and keeping on the North American tip, the latest from Daniel Gardner aka Frivolous has a tasty Soulphiction remix on it. Underground Quality are churning out so many records nowadays that it’s quite hard to keep up. Thankfully they’re never bad, but I would argue that they’re not that great either. However it’s a sound that is growing more and more popular, and the most recent by 209 is indicative of it. Anton Zap, who I found out comes from Moscow rather than some middling town on the Eastern Seaboard, has a new release on Quintessentials as well.

On the more minimal front, I liked the newest on Boogizm by S-Max and Fym, although on writing this I find it was originally released in February. The newest release by Dubshape on Kompakt perked my ears as well. Mike Shannon returns to form after a couple of years with a 12” on Plus 8.

Not a particularly exciting week for techno and electro I’m afraid, but perked up by Grovskopa’s Sex and Violins, which contains a fantastic remix by Surgeon. The ever-prolific Rustie contributes another startling and undefinable release on Wireblock and Syncom Data provide another excellent remix, this time for new label Data Leak.

Toby Frith
Rub a Dub
Rush Hour
Vinyl Underground

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