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Records of the week - August 20th


Having just re-released his Gas project this summer, Wolfgang Voigt has now resurrected his Profan label after an 8 year hiatus. The Freiland Klaviermusik EP takes the record of the week for its sheer audacity as Voigt uses the same method as Gas, sampling classical music loops, this time piano that sounds touched by the hand of legendary serialist Arnold Schoenberg and turning them into warped new directions. Only one of the tracks sounds like it could go anywhere near the dancefloor, and you’d be a brave DJ for trying it, but techno has always been about breaking through barriers and the Kompakt honcho has done that again.

Not far behind is the excellent Abyss EP by Voltaic on Point One, which summons up the spirit of Dopplereffekt and gives it a right going over. Voltaic also produces under the moniker of Rustie and has rightly been attracting a lot of media interest, not least with his Jagz the Smack EP last year. Glasgow is producing a lot of forward-thinking electronic music recently, and its output confirms its place as a premier city for both techno and electro. Mighty Robot Recordings contribute as well with the excellent Leave the Planet EP from Dirty Hospital, containing an ever so slight trace of electronic disco influence. Otherwise it’s a bit of a barren week for techno and electro, with only Berlin’s Restoration Records producing a 4 track EP containing some interesting material from some unknown producers.

It’s a bit dot-to-dot, but the Trackwerk EP is a fine slice of grimy sounding Chicago House, and in that vein the 2 AM/FM release “Electronic Justice” on Spectral is worth picking up as well, because anything Tadd Mullinix is involved with is usually worth buying. To complete a fine trilogy, the latest on Eargasmic has a trademark bit of warped acid from The Sun God aka Jamal Moss and some more downtempo tracks from Bjak and Specter. There’s also a new release from Ron Trent under the alias Conjure on Future Vision.

I have to admit that Omar-S’s latest direction leaves me a bit nonplussed, but it might be worth checking his latest EP, The Further You Look The Less You See on FXHE. It appears that he’s been listening to, or at least hearing a lot of European influences, and deep down it’s watering down his style. On the Detroit House tip, Patrice Scott contributes to a split EP with Andy Vaz on Yore, and the new Tribe EP on Planet E has an interesting Carl Craig remix. Jus-Ed continues to be prolific with yet another release on Underground Quality.

Europe-wise, I’ve not heard a great deal this week that has excited these ears, but the Henrik Schwarz and Ame release on Innervisions will interest some. Although released last month, Move D has an EP called Shanti on a Russian label, and one half of Westpark Unit, Herb LF has produced a lovely downtempo EP that I think is worth checking. A Guy Called Gerald’s first release on Perlon will raise some eyebrows, but deep down I feel there’s not quite enough to get truly excited about.

Finally on the electronic disco tip, there’s another 9 minute one-sided journey from Elitechnique on Clone that never quite gets going, but is still worth investigating. Dissident continue to churn out great singles albeit with very limited distribution, this time with Italo knight Ali Renault, and the Naum Gabo remix of the Detachment’s Fear No Fear is quite peculiar. 

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