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Galaxy Toobin' - Galaxy Toobin'

GALAXY TOOBIN’ - GALAXY TOOBIN’ (Crème Organization)

Toobin’, as far as I can remember, was a peculiar little Arcade game made by Atari revolving around controlling a rubber tyre down a stream, and I guess this is the soundtrack to the as yet unmade cosmic version. New Yorker Eliot Lipp, who has been producing idiosyncratic excursions into electronic music for a few years now, has teamed up with William Burnett to make a delightful little mini-LP that in its playful electronic sensibility immediately brings to mind the work of Moebius and Roedelius, as feather-lite percussion complements some gorgeous melodies that lace it throughout, but more apparent is the all-pervading influence of Tangerine Dream, particularly on the ornate “Things are Looking Up” and in the eerie cosmic journey of “The Day of the Duel is approaching”. If anything there are echoes of the slightly mournful, minor key excursions of Tortoise at play, but this isn’t complex or steeped in individual virtuosity. The layered guitars of Steve Hillage and Pat Metheny come to mind in the gentle dawn of “Entering Snake Pass” and in the final “Toobin’ Theme” the album completes with a glorious flourish. Very much like their German influences, this is music that is not immediate, but occupies a nesting place that slowly but surely gains your attention with delicious hooks and atmospheres, and will stay there for some time.


Toby Frith


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Wow, I really love that arcade game! Thanks for reminding me, i usually browse online games sites on the search for retro and arcade sites looking for old Atari games.

February 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJones

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