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Review - Florence - US Heritage


Florence - US Heritage (Eeevolute)

Eevolute’s first recordings have recently been remastered and rereleased for our pleasure which is fantastic news for fans as the originals were extremely rare and difficult to get hold of. Stefan Robbers excursion under his Florence pseudonym acknowledges primarily the considerable influence of Detroit Techno, but with a heavy slice of Benelux beats. Arguably one of Robber’s finest ever songs,  the cosmic “A touch of Heaven” is more akin to my ears to Black Dog at the peak of their artistic endeavours, but there’s no doubt that Derrick May’s style weighs heavily. “The Vineyard” is more akin to KMS at his heights, being similar to “Feel the Mood”, and shows that the influence went both ways. Given that this record was released in 1991, it on one hand demonstrates that this music hasn’t aged, but perhaps more pertinently shows that techno has yet to move on from this golden time.

Toby Frith 

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